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Our Biscotti and all our bake goods are custom made when you place your order and shipped the next day for freshness. You can order them by the pound and can be mixed and match the way you want. The following ingredients are mixed into the Biscotti mix for full flavor. Here are some of our original flavor choices: 

Fun Flavors
 Plain, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Chips, M&M's, Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Coconut, Honey, Coffee, Espresso, Green Tea, Caramel, Butterscotch, Toffee, Mint

Citrus/ Fruit
 Lemon, Orange, lime, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Cherries, Maraschino Cherries, Black cherries, Blood Oranges
Blue, Black, Raspberry, Strawberry, Boysenberry, Currents, Cranberry , Lingonberries (Seasonal Availability of fruits) 

Jams, Preserves and Others
Korean Citron Honey Tea (a Marmalade),  Ginger Tea (a Marmalade) {the previous two flavors are Asian influenced}, Marionberry from Oregon, Orange Marmalade, Root-be
er, Cola, Cherry preserves, Lavender, Licorice, Jalapeño preserves, Blood Orange Soda

Nuts/ Seeds
Almonds, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Walnut, Filbert, Peanuts, Cashews, Sesame, Pumpkin, Flax, Sunflower, and many more. Any nut can be added to any flavor you would like to add a crunch, or just by themselves.

And now for our specialty 

Liqueur; Anisette, Amaretto, Frangellico, Bailys Irish Cream, Bailys Irish Coffee, Bailys Mint Chocolate Chip, Godiva Chocolate and Godiva White Chocolate, St. Brendan's Irish Cream, Star Bucks Coffee Liqueur and Cream Liqueur, Lemoncillo, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, Smirnoff Root Beer, Smirnoff Raspberry, Kalula, Kalula Hazelnut, Grand Marnier, Malibu, Margarita, Rum, Coffee Patron, Creme de Mint, Creme de Coco, Banana Liqueur, StGermain Elderflower liqueur, Grenadine, Brandy, Flavored Brandy's, Creme de
Rose, Chambord Raspberry, Schnapps, Absinthe, Drambuie, Cranberry Liqueurs, Sambuca, Anis Gorila liqueur, Jagermeister and any other you can think of that I might have forgotten we can make it for you.

Suggested Mixed Flavor 
{Only limited by your imagination and taste}

Bailys Irish Cream with Chocolate chips, Godiva Chocolate with Chips, Godiva White Chocolate with White Chocolate Chips, Amaretto with Almonds, Malibu with Coconuts,  Orange with Chocolate Chip, Cherry preserves with Chocolate chip,  Lemon and Mint

Candy Corn, Apple Cider & Caramel, Apple Cider, Pumpkin, Jack Daniels Pumpkin Pie Flavor, Egg Nog, Jelly Bean, Peppermint, Candy Cane, Cherry Cordials, Chocolate Strawberry, Chocolate and Raspberry, Guinness, 
True Fang (Blood Orange Soda), Fang Banger's delights (any flavor dipped in red chocolate)

Guinness, Dill, Dill and Chives, Lavender and Rosemary, herbs de Provence, Jalapeño, Olive Tapenade, More flavors coming soon

We can dip Biscotti in any flavor or color chocolate you like, and even custom color them to your event.

All Flavors are $11 a pound 
and depend on availability of specialty ingredients.

Not sure what flavor to pick we do mixed pounds too!
You pick the flavors! 
and we'll ship em.  
We include a sample in every order and a special gift too.

 Free shipping on all orders over $50.

Need a Party Platter call for pricing.

Free Delivery to the NYC co
mmuting area.

If you have special needs call us and we will try to accommodate. 
We do sugar free too.


And Now for Something Completely Different and Tasty


We also make a variety of other fantastic baked goods.

Chocolate Chip Cookies, NYC Black and White cookies , Walnut Cookies(Mexican Wedding Cookies) Known as Rollie Pollies, Scottish Shortbread, ask if you don't see a cookie you like.

For the Holidays
 We make old fashion Grandma's press cookies in a variety of shapes made with a cream cheese cookie dough and colored with food coloring (they are small and light and best of all delicious), Macaroons,Sugar cookies with all the trimmings, Stain glassed cookies, ask and we can make what you don't see.

Sugar free cookies 
"Zia T Not So Bad for You" ( Filled cookies-made with a yogurt dough and filled with your choice of raisins, sugar free jams and nuts), Sugar Free Nut Macaroons, Sugar Free Rugelach, Chocolate Tea cookies,  Sugar Free Applesauce Cookies, Ask and we can try to make it for you.  In most of the recipes we use your choice of Splenda, Equal, Sweet and Low or Stevia.

All cookies are $11 a pound and free shipping with orders over $50.

 Specialty Cakes and Pastry Cups and More
Are made upon request for local delivery in the NYC area 
(they contain Cream and are extremely fragile and perishable) 
White Chocolate Pistachio Cake ( a pistachio white chocolate cake with  a pistachio Butter Creme and Strawberry filling and a Marzipan top with fresh whipped cream) ,  
Referred to as "THE CAKE "( a chocolate, coffee, buttermilk cake with ricotta and orange filling and fresh chocolate whipped cream icing), Red Velvet cake, Jack Daniels Pumpkin Pie, Banana Bread, Apple Pie, Pretzel Rolls, New Orleans style French Beignets, cup cakes of every flavor and icing, Creme Puffs, Pistachio Creme Puffs, Cannoli Creme in Filo cups. 
And my most sought after "PISTACHIO ADDICTIONS"  
(a Pistachio Creme with fresh fruit in Filo dough cup)

Call for pricing.

We are are always expanding her repertoire, so ask and we just might make it. Our artistic flair makes our cakes a work of art and a delight to the senses.

All our cakes can be made in any size and flavor needs call for more info.

If you want Us to be your personal Chef give her a call and she can work out the particulars this is only for the NYC Area.  
Dinners offer Starters to Deserts for small intimate parties.

All our good are made with the freshest ingredients, eggs, butter, sugar, powdered vanilla, regular vanilla, baking soda, baking powder, a pinch of salt, and all the other goodness that goes in to making some of the best desserts around.

Everything on our menu is home made and baked fresh upon order.

We are open for Phone orders everyday from 8:00am to 9:00pm

Biscotti A Go Go
  Middle Village, NY

or  email us your order at

We accept  PayPal for all Credit Cards orders 
or contact us to make other payment arrangements

We personalize every order and include a special gift! 

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